Gareth McLearnon (London, UK)
Artist-in-Residence, Europe
Phone: +44 7771 880462

Workshop Address:
68 Nonset Path
Acton, MA
01720, USA

Alan Weiss (Acton, MA)
Artist-in-Residence, USA
Phone: 978-268-0600 ext. 212

Christina Cobas (Acton, MA)
Sales & Marketing Manager
Phone: 978-268-0600 ext. 103

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Insurance Appraisals:
Insurance appraisals and serial number inquiries are provided via email.  To inquire, send your contact information, the serial number of the instrument and your questions to

Please Note:
Wm. S. Haynes Co. no longer provides statements of current market value for any pre-owned Haynes flutes. If you are interested in selling or obtaining a valuation for a Haynes instrument, please contact the Authorized Dealer nearest you.


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