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Custom Handmade Flutes

Every Haynes instrument is a delicate balance of art and precision engineering. Each flute must first be designed and constructed to the strictest of tolerances, then the artisans at Wm. S. Haynes bring the instrument to life, creating the ultimate catalyst for an exquisite musical experience.


10K gold

Brilliant & Dramatic

The 10k Rose Gold flute offers a luminous quality that will elegantly complement solo, chamber and orchestral needs.

Available with either silver or 14k tone holes, ribs, posts and mechanism.

14K gold

Virtuosic & Supple

The Haynes 14k flutes offer astonishing and effortless projection.

The Haynes 14k Rose Gold flute is the epitome of the definitive Custom Handmade Boston flute and the 14k White Gold flute offers warmth, creativity, and a sparkling immediacy of attack.

19.5K gold

Intense & Expressive

The 19.5k Rose Gold Haynes flute offers a deep, rich sound that is unparalleled.

Visually stunning, the instrument offers an acoustic that must be experienced to be understood.


Dark & Dazzling

Sometimes, only a truly extraordinary instrument will do.

These dazzling masterpieces are one-of-a-kind, and are made only to special order.



Custom Handmade Flutes

SILVER & 5% Gold

Grace, elegance, refinement

The defining qualities of the Haynes Silver flute. Available in a variety of tubing thickness, the Silver flute can be customized to meet the demands of the most discerning flutist.

The 5% Gold Alloy is a favorite for those who are looking for the response of silver and a touch of the warmth and depth offered by gold.


Imaginative & Invigorating

Haynes Fusion flutes offer a unique blend of metals enabling a personal, sophisticated musical voice.

These captivating instruments feature two tubes of 14k Rose Gold and a silver and platinum alloy (95% silver, 5% platinum) fused together.

Aesthetically enchanting, artistically enthralling.

Custom flutes feature a standard or lightweight pinless mechanism, the Haynes A-442 Scale, 10k white gold springs, offset or inline G keys, B or C footjoint, French pointed arms, open or closed cups and Straubinger™ pads. Standard accessories are included.


Custom Handmade Headjoints

The first breath of air that touches the flute establishes the relationship between the player and their music. This is the beginning of a partnership that should bring soaring joy, profound passion, and lasting artistic satisfaction. The subtlest of nuances in a headjoint can affect the delicate balance of sound, response and projection that every headjoint maker strives to achieve.

The master headjoint makers at Haynes are highly trained flutists, who have the focus and tenacity required to handcraft every Haynes headjoint into an architype of the Haynes sound. This is not a task for the faint-hearted. The end results are artistically stimulating headjoints which offer flutists color, response, depth, imagination and vibrancy.

Haynes offers two styles Custom Handmade headjoints, the P Cut and the N Cut. These siblings have much in common, yet each has its unique traits. Each style is available in a variety of material combinations including silver (.014, .016”), Fusion Inside, Fusion Outside, 10k rose gold, 14k rose gold, 18k white gold (wall only), 19.5k rose gold and platinum.


The P Cut was named in honor of Piedmont Street, in the center of Boston, where Haynes workshop was located from 1953 to 2010. Like its namesake, the P style provides a stable road for the flutist to travel and discover new aspects of sound.

The N Cut is named after the Nagog wetlands that surround the current Haynes workshop in Acton, Massachusetts. In nature there is beauty and complexity, which is reflected in the N style. The N encourages flutists to move off the beaten path and explore.

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