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Q Series Flutes

The Q Series flute elevates a modern flutist’s musical life. The design and production of these unique instruments was developed by studying tried and true techniques through a new lens. Using the finest materials sourced in the United States, highly trained partners in the Haynes Beijing workshop, and final finishing by the experienced makers in Acton, Massachusetts, Haynes has created a range of instruments which exceed all expectations.

Established in 2010, the Q Series flutes feature the Classic Style Headjoint made by Haynes master headjoint makers in Acton, Massachusetts. The Classic Style Headjoint offers a broad, vivid sound that encourages flutists to expand their artistic demands. This unique series of instruments provides the advancing flutist with professional features and materials to accommodate years of musical growth.

Sterling Silver Classic Headjoint, Drawn Toneholes, Silver Plated Body and Mechanism.

Sterling Silver Classic Headjoint, Drawn Toneholes, Sterling Silver Body, Silver Plated Mechanism.

Sterling Silver Classic Headjoint, Drawn Toneholes, Sterling Silver Body & Mechanism.

Sterling Silver Custom N or P Cut Headjoint, Soldered Toneholes, Sterling Silver Body & Mechanism.



The Sir James Galway Edition


Sir James Galway began his professional flute playing career on a Haynes Flute, and has several Haynes Flutes in his amazing collection of instruments. So in 2014 Haynes partnered with the ‘Living Legend of the Flute’ to make a signature edition Q Series instrument made to the master’s exacting standards. Sir James is an advocate of the C# Trill Key, and Low B footjoint, but without E mechanism and Gizmo keys - so naturally, we followed his guidance and produced this specification for the flute that bears his name.

Sir James also enjoyed the flexibility and versatility of the N Cut Custom Headjoint, paired with the more affordable Q2 body with silver plated mechanism. The resulting instrument is a sophisticated, lithe and elegant flute, at a fraction of the price of our silver Custom Flutes.


The Q Fusion Flute

A unique combination of a 9K Gold outer tube fused with a Sterling Silver Inner tube to create a flexible, dynamic and vibrant instrument - dazzling to the eye and enchanting to the ear. Coupled with a handcrafted Custom Headjoint 100% handmade in our Acton, Massachusetts workshop - the Q Fusion Flute will exceed expectations, inspire and challenge the player and provide many years of musical and artistic satisfaction.

The Q Fusion comes as standard with Sterling Silver Mechanism, White Gold Springs, Soldered Trill And B key toneholes, and options include E Mechanism, C# Trill or B or C Footjoint.


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Q Series Specifications

Haynes pinless left hand mechanism, .016” tubing, Haynes A-442 Scale, offset or inline G keys, B or C footjoint available (a gizmo key is standard on all B footjoints except the Q Galway), French pointed arms, open cups, Stainless Steel Springs (Q1 & Q2) 10k white gold springs (Q3, Q4, Q Fusion), soldered C and trill toneholes, and Pisoni S2 pads. The Classic style headjoint is available in sterling silver, with an optional 14k rose gold wall or 9k rose gold lip plate. A French style case and cover, swab stick, and polishing cloth are included


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